Cupcake Soap

Look at this pretty little cupcake soap - all ready to package with love and care and ship to a customer.  Oh how I love what I do!  


New Soap Area! Yay!

For the past year my husband has been refinishing our basement.  It was your typical concrete floor and cinder block wall basement, with about 50+ boxes of stuff.  I stored my soap supplies down there too in a corner on plastic shelves.  Well, he made it into a wonderful finished basement with a bedroom, guest room, storage shelf area, and a "soap area" for me.  While he has been working on the basement, I have been storing my supplies upstairs on the plastic shelves in our living room.  This week I have been going through the 50+ boxes of stuff, sorting through everything to put neatly in tubs on the new basement shelves.  Since I'm almost done, I was anxious to set up my soap area too.  So today, while the kids and hubby were home for a snow day, I was able to get them to help me carry all my supplies downstairs and set up my soap area.  I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am to have my own little soap area now!
I'm over the moon!!!!!