Today I met an Etsy friend!

Today I met an Etsy friend!! My dear friend Janet at http://amelias.etsy.com/ makes the most amazing cold process soaps. I have been using her shea butter soap on my face and my skin has never been better!
I make melt & pour soaps and have been wanting to learn how to make cold process soaps for quite some time. I have been leary of making them because of the lye around my kiddos. Well, I finally got the nerve to learn, and asked Janet to help me. She has been trying to teach me over the internet.
Well, today she came to my house, her husband flew her into our local airport! How exciting to actually meet her in person, she is such a joy to hang out with!! It was wonderful to spend time with someone who shares the same enthusiasm for soapmaking that I do!
My family enjoyed her visit too, my son Todd (9) was especially curious about the soaping process and had several questions for her. My husband Shane was making his own creations in the kitchen, he was making homemade bread (which is delicious by the way!)
So, after discussing the process and going over some notes, we got started...

All geared up and ready!

We measured and melted the oils in one pot, and combined the lye and water in another. As soon as the oils and the lye & water are the perfect temperature, they can be combined. Then they are mixed until they reach trace, which is when we added lavender essential oil.

Here Janet is pouring the soap into the mold. Now it is saponifying and I will take it out of the mold in 24 hours. It smells amazing!!! Then it will take 4 weeks to cure! I hope this melt & pour gal has the patience! What a wonderful day!!! I can't wait to make my next batch!!!