My Bath Bomb Story

So.  Lately I've been obsessed with bath bombs.  Don't know why.  But I am.  If you scroll down a bit you will see that I attempted to make some a few years ago.  That was very difficult because they kept falling apart.   But after about 30 broken ones, I finally got a few good ones and my kiddos enjoyed them in the tub!

So I was looking on Etsy a few weeks ago, well it was the 4th of July actually.  And I found a seller that would make 100 bath bombs for $100 and free shipping.  And she had 5 scents that I liked.  So, I placed an order!  I have been soooooooooo excited to receive these bath bombs.  Dreaming about how I will package them.  I designed round labels to put on them and had the labels printed.  I waited and waited for about 3 weeks.  But the seller had some bad news.  Her Grandmother was ill, and then died, and she ended up canceling the order.  Sad for her, but also sad for me. :(

So, now I am going to get my recipe out, and try my hand at these bath bombs again!  I hope so much that I can figure it out!  I will do this in the morning.  Fingers crossed.  I will add pics if they go well!


 Yay!  I did it!  It was difficult - they kept breaking -  but I did it! :)  Can't wait to try them out in the tub! :)



I've finally reopened my shop!  Yay! I'm moved into our new house and ready to go!  I have a new logo too!  I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them for you! ~ Heidi


Cupcake Soap

Look at this pretty little cupcake soap - all ready to package with love and care and ship to a customer.  Oh how I love what I do!  


New Soap Area! Yay!

For the past year my husband has been refinishing our basement.  It was your typical concrete floor and cinder block wall basement, with about 50+ boxes of stuff.  I stored my soap supplies down there too in a corner on plastic shelves.  Well, he made it into a wonderful finished basement with a bedroom, guest room, storage shelf area, and a "soap area" for me.  While he has been working on the basement, I have been storing my supplies upstairs on the plastic shelves in our living room.  This week I have been going through the 50+ boxes of stuff, sorting through everything to put neatly in tubs on the new basement shelves.  Since I'm almost done, I was anxious to set up my soap area too.  So today, while the kids and hubby were home for a snow day, I was able to get them to help me carry all my supplies downstairs and set up my soap area.  I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am to have my own little soap area now!
I'm over the moon!!!!! 


I Have Shipping OCD

Oh gracious.  I do have a terrible case of OCD.  Shipping OCD.  Last week I went to print my shipping labels, and my printer was out of ink.  My husband usually helps me with this but he was at work. What did I do?  I saved all of the labels in a pdf and emailed them to Staples, where they printed them for me.  Then I went and picked them up, taped them on my packages, and took them to the post office.
Then, on President's Day (yesterday) I worked on orders, and wanted to get them finished before the approaching big snow storm.  The post office was closed, the drop boxes were locked shut.  So I took my packages to Staples where a mail truck picks up mail every day at 11:00 am.  As the snow was starting to fall, I got all of my orders to Staples.  And I have my fingers crossed that a mail truck has picked them up today.  I'm glad I decided to do this, because we are snowed in here at home.

My husband thinks I'm batty when it comes to shipping my orders out.  But it is really important to me.  My creations and customers are so very special to me!  I'm so thankful that Staples has helped me out in a pinch!

UPDATE:  Tracking says the packages were picked up today!  Yay!  

Our Driveway


I Did It!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! Well I finally moved up into the world of technology and have started using online postage. I have been told by so many other Etsy sellers that it is so much cheaper and easier to use compared to the old fashioned post office postage. But it was really hard for me to make the change because the old fashioned version has always worked so well for me since I opened my shop 7 years ago. I had my own system going well and a good rapport with the post office workers.
But last week I finally attempted to put together online labels, print them out and stuck them to my packages, and dropped them off at the front counter of the post office (no standing in line!). I was extremely skeptical and nervous at first that they would not make it safely to their destinations. I have been watching their online tracking info closely, and I have wonderful news to report that today they arrived safely to their destinations! Yay! So this opens a whole new world for me and my business... and now I will be doing online labels from now on!


Strawberry Bath Bombs!

Today I tried making something new... bath bombs!  I found a recipe and tutorial on youtube, and made them!  But they kept falling apart as soon as I put them on the plate.  I think I must have made about 20 or 30 attempts!  Whew!   I think I'll need to research how to keep them intact.  Perhaps more oil?  Hmmm.

But here they are!  I'm feeling very accomplished right now!
 I'll let my kiddos test them out in the tub!  If all goes well I'll make more for my friends and family to test out!
They smell soooo good!  :)



I am almost at 1500 sales!  Yay how exciting!  I am going to give away a free product (of the buyers choice) to my 1500th buyer!   Will it be you!?   Go shopping here!

Congrats to Karen Murray!  My 1500th buyer!  She gets a free gift! :)


Creations to Help Japan - $100 Raised!

I created some items to help the disaster victims in Japan.  I was able to raise $100!  Thank you so much to those who bought my items in an effort to help out!

All proceeds of these items went to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake Relief Fund 

Here is what I wrote about these creations:

If you've wanted to try my bath and body products, now is a good time - your money will go to a worthy cause in the wake of this devastation, and you'll be getting some fabulous goodies too. If you'd like to make your own donation to the Red Cross you may do so here.

If you're looking to locate someone or have information about an individual involved in the quake please go here.


I received this wonderful letter below, a thanks for our help!


Half a world away, your generosity is making a difference.

When the powerful earthquake struck and a catastrophic tsunami engulfed northern Japan in March, thousands perished, and a quarter of a million people were homeless, living in evacuation centers, with nowhere to turn.
Almost as quickly as the water rushed in, generous donations began pouring in from across America and around the world. Your support provided medical care, emotional support and basic necessities, such as clothes and blankets. Contributions given to the American Red Cross for Japan have provided relief assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need, and will continue to support planned recovery activities, such as the rebuilding of a hospital, support for the elderly, and programs to help children cope with the trauma they have experienced.

We’ve already contributed $206 million to the Japanese Red Cross, with millions more on the way – all with your help. On behalf of the Japan disaster survivors, thank you.

While the world’s attention and compassion was focused on helping survivors in Japan, the Red Cross has been there for people here at home during a deadly and disaster-filled spring. It has been storm after storm across the U.S., including two of the worst tornados in history, massive flooding, death and devastation.

We’ve deployed more than 12,000 trained disaster relief workers from all 50 states. They’re helping the survivors of these horrendous spring disasters, from Alabama to California, put their lives back together.
And forecasters are warning that this hurricane season is expected to be busier than normal. With steep costs already mounting from spring storm relief, the need to be ready is increasingly urgent.

Will you stand with families and communities who will have to rely on the Red Cross – many of them at a moment’s notice – and help us be ready?


Please make a donation to the Red Cross now. And consider a regular monthly gift – the most convenient and efficient way to help families in need, 365 days a year.

Thank you again for your crucial role in our work,

David Meltzer, Senior Vice President

International Services, American Red Cross


Do you have a sweet tooth?

There is a shop on etsy that I have fallen in love with, and so has my family.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Sweettoothsweetie

Seriously, when her packages arrive to our household, it is better than Christmas here. The kids and the husband, and especially me, are jumping for joy as we open these sweet treasures.  Chocolate covered pretzels, rocky road bark, chocolate covered peanut butter oreos.... truly amazing!  And she is a lightening speed shipper too.  She is currently doing at 20% off sale now... so go on over there and place an order and see what I mean.  Your sweet tooth will be thanking you!


Pumpkin Soaps

Halloween is just around the corner! I made these adorable pumpkin soaps! I am offering new discounts at my website too, check it out!


Heidi's Handmades is moving to CA! :)

Hi Everyone!

Well, I am writing this with excitement because we have finally found a renter for our home! So things will start happening fast... the movers will come, and we will leave for CA.

We got an RV and will be traveling/family vacationing all during the month of June... visiting the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Redwood Forest, etc... then at the end of June we will arrive in Monterey, CA, and find a house.

During the month of July we will be busy unpacking and getting settled in. Then I will open Heidi's Handmades again! Yay!

But I just wanted to give you my timeline in case you were wondering why I will be closed for so long.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions, I will be checking my e-mails from time to time!

Much Love!

Heidi Price


Stocking Stuffer Soaps

'Tis the season for stocking stuffers! How about these delightful Nutcracker soaps? Or perhaps some some cute little cherubs to add joy to your Christmas? http://www.HeidisHandmades.etsy.com


Yay I made it to the Etsy Front Page!

When I logged into Etsy tonight I got a convo (message) from a friend that I was on the front page! Yippppeeeee! I looked and was still there, it was my Cranberry Spice Sugar Scrub. I am so excited and delighted to be on the front page. What a rush! Thank you to the kind fellow etsians who helped me get a screen shot, oh and I got a few extra sales too!


Take a Romantic Getaway to Hawaii...

My parents just renovated a condo in Hawaii and are renting it out, it is beautiful! They have worked very hard on it to make is absolutely perfect for their guests http://www.vrbo.com/267630#ownerprofile

Below is some info that my Mom wrote on their website:

Location: Kalama Terrace, Kihei Central, Kihei, South Maui, Maui, Hawaii, USA (2 Blocks South of Kalama Park , 30 Minutes from Airport) View Map
Accommodations: Condominium, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath (Sleeps 2-4)

Our Classy Kalama Condo on Maui, Kihei, HI
Romantic, cozy, quiet and close to activities and highway connections to all sites on the Island. Easy four minute stroll to Cove Park, where surfing and paddle board lessons are given daily. It is the same distance to famous Charley Young Beach where weddings are conducted regularly and you can watch beautiful sunsets. Walk another minute north to Kalama Park to join in festivals, jam sessions of drums and Ukuleles, skate boarding, softball diamonds and a constant volleyball game. Across from this park is a grocery store, superb restaurants, cafes, a thrift store, tourist spots and a movie theatre. Venture five minutes south to the Kamaole Beach I next to Charley Young Beach. The beaches are connected. Get a "plate" at the "Da Kitchen" restaurant while riding our bicycles and continue south to explore the famous shops at Wailea. Golf is available within 15 minutes at numerous fantastic courses. Use our guest golf club set and enjoy a game of a lifetime!Kalama Terrace is located in beautiful South Maui in the town of Kihei where rain is a rarity almost assuring you of a warm, sunny vacation. With only a 30 minute drive from Kahului airport, you could be basking on the beach sunning, swimming and just enjoying the tropical setting of Maui within a very short time of arriving on Maui. Since "our" beach faces the western horizon, you will enjoy some of the most memorable sunsets you will see anywhere.Our condo has everything that we found necessary for life on Maui. Even a Pack 'n Play for the little one. Island breezes flow through the unit when the door is open and the air conditioner is rarely needed to cool the area. The coordinated living and dining room furniture are accented by the flowing curtains guarding the private Lanai. Stay connected to home with the high speed Internet computer, WiFI and cable for the flat screen, digital HDTV. An additional TV is situated for lazy bedroom viewing. The kitchen is fully equipped and not missing anything that we could think of for at home cooking of nutritious meals. The bedroom is for lovers only! Custom Levelor curtains blank out all night light and reveal the unique "sky!" Come see for yourself. There are shared washer and dryer facilities at the complex. Come play with all the toys that are provided including two bicycles and you will have a super vacation in Maui. We just hope that you love your stay at this condo as much as we do!



I have been cleaning out my shop lately and have some items on sale, please feel free to check them out at my SALE ITEMS section! Enjoy! :)


Cranberry Apple Marmalade Soaps

Can you tell I am having a blast with this new frosting technique? These are Cranberry Apple Marmalade Soaps. My husband and children watched me make these and thought they look and smell wonderful. They keep putting their noses close for a good whiff!! I have posted them in my shop. Check it out! :)


Frosted Blueberry Soaps

Yesterday I did not have any orders to get out, so I had a little free time! I looked through my hundreds of scents and it is always difficult to decide what kind of soap to create because the possibilities really are endless! But I picked out my blueberry scent, and decided to make a blueberry cobbler soap. Mmmmm. Fun!
So, I made these soaps... First there is oatmeal soap on the bottom, and then I made some blueberry frostings. My son says they look like blueberry frosted mini-wheats. My husbands says they look yummy! Ha!
I have posted these in my shop here, check it out! :)


My Latest Soapies - Made Using The Cold Process Method

Several of you may remember when Janet from Amelias on Etsy came to visit and gave me a wonderful lesson on making cold process soaps. Well, I have been making my own soaps ever since. Here are my new Fall scented soaps! Pictured above is Pumpkin Spice, smells delish!

This one is Rosemary Mint. I love this one and so does my hubby. I think I will be saving a bunch of these for our own use! I added garden mint leaves inside the soap, yum!

This one is Cranberry Spice and it smells wonderful too, like warm cranberries and cinnamon spice on a beautiful autumn day. I added some paprika for a little exfoliation which feels great on the skin!
These soaps are so much fun, and I am so thankful to Janet for teaching me this amazing process. I will make more batches and add them to my blog. If you happen to have a favorite scent for the winter season please leave a comment. I was thinking perhaps white tea and ginger? When I have some free time I will make more for sure! For now my family and my shop with my current creations are keeping me pretty busy! Have a great day! :)


Jewelry makers - please send your extra beads to this little girl with cancer...

A dear friend of mine has a 9 year old neice, Katie, with brain cancer. She loves to make jewelry and would like to have a jewelry making party for her upcoming 10th birthday. A friend of the family is organizing the party for Katie. If you happen to have any extra beads for Katie that would be awesome! Please go here to learn more about Katie's condition and where to send the beads in the Sept. 1 post. Thank you so much, your kindess will mean so much to Katie and her family!!!


Packaged and Ready!

Here are my little CP soaps that I made a month ago, they turned out great! I packaged them and will sell them at a local flower shop. :)


CP Soaps Update

Well, my CP soaps that I made with Janet are just about finished curing. I'm so excited! I'm going to make some more batches soon. I think I will make some fall inspired soaps, pumpkin pie, cranberry spice. Hmmm.


Today I met an Etsy friend!

Today I met an Etsy friend!! My dear friend Janet at http://amelias.etsy.com/ makes the most amazing cold process soaps. I have been using her shea butter soap on my face and my skin has never been better!
I make melt & pour soaps and have been wanting to learn how to make cold process soaps for quite some time. I have been leary of making them because of the lye around my kiddos. Well, I finally got the nerve to learn, and asked Janet to help me. She has been trying to teach me over the internet.
Well, today she came to my house, her husband flew her into our local airport! How exciting to actually meet her in person, she is such a joy to hang out with!! It was wonderful to spend time with someone who shares the same enthusiasm for soapmaking that I do!
My family enjoyed her visit too, my son Todd (9) was especially curious about the soaping process and had several questions for her. My husband Shane was making his own creations in the kitchen, he was making homemade bread (which is delicious by the way!)
So, after discussing the process and going over some notes, we got started...

All geared up and ready!

We measured and melted the oils in one pot, and combined the lye and water in another. As soon as the oils and the lye & water are the perfect temperature, they can be combined. Then they are mixed until they reach trace, which is when we added lavender essential oil.

Here Janet is pouring the soap into the mold. Now it is saponifying and I will take it out of the mold in 24 hours. It smells amazing!!! Then it will take 4 weeks to cure! I hope this melt & pour gal has the patience! What a wonderful day!!! I can't wait to make my next batch!!!


Back from Disney!

Just returned home from a fun family vacation to Disney! The kids are the perfect age and we have a timeshare resort out there that we bought as newlyweds in 1998. We envisioned using it with our future children, and that dream came true!! We are looking forward to our next trip which will be in 2 years. Yay!! Now I'm jumping back into my business, communicating with customers and filling orders. I left my shop open while I was away with an Announcement about my vacation. I do not like the way etsy's vacation mode makes you completely dissapear off the face of the earth, so I chose to stay open. Anyways, I'm back and happy to be home to my Heidi's Handmades life again!! Yay!!


Front Page Baby!!!

Woo hoo I just was on the front page, 8:00 pm central time! Thanks to LusciousLather for the awesome screen shot, and also help from SparkleGarden!! And also a big thanks to HelloDollies for all of her constant support!! You guys rock!!!