I Did It!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! Well I finally moved up into the world of technology and have started using online postage. I have been told by so many other Etsy sellers that it is so much cheaper and easier to use compared to the old fashioned post office postage. But it was really hard for me to make the change because the old fashioned version has always worked so well for me since I opened my shop 7 years ago. I had my own system going well and a good rapport with the post office workers.
But last week I finally attempted to put together online labels, print them out and stuck them to my packages, and dropped them off at the front counter of the post office (no standing in line!). I was extremely skeptical and nervous at first that they would not make it safely to their destinations. I have been watching their online tracking info closely, and I have wonderful news to report that today they arrived safely to their destinations! Yay! So this opens a whole new world for me and my business... and now I will be doing online labels from now on!


Strawberry Bath Bombs!

Today I tried making something new... bath bombs!  I found a recipe and tutorial on youtube, and made them!  But they kept falling apart as soon as I put them on the plate.  I think I must have made about 20 or 30 attempts!  Whew!   I think I'll need to research how to keep them intact.  Perhaps more oil?  Hmmm.

But here they are!  I'm feeling very accomplished right now!
 I'll let my kiddos test them out in the tub!  If all goes well I'll make more for my friends and family to test out!
They smell soooo good!  :)