I have been cleaning out my shop lately and have some items on sale, please feel free to check them out at my SALE ITEMS section! Enjoy! :)


Cranberry Apple Marmalade Soaps

Can you tell I am having a blast with this new frosting technique? These are Cranberry Apple Marmalade Soaps. My husband and children watched me make these and thought they look and smell wonderful. They keep putting their noses close for a good whiff!! I have posted them in my shop. Check it out! :)


Frosted Blueberry Soaps

Yesterday I did not have any orders to get out, so I had a little free time! I looked through my hundreds of scents and it is always difficult to decide what kind of soap to create because the possibilities really are endless! But I picked out my blueberry scent, and decided to make a blueberry cobbler soap. Mmmmm. Fun!
So, I made these soaps... First there is oatmeal soap on the bottom, and then I made some blueberry frostings. My son says they look like blueberry frosted mini-wheats. My husbands says they look yummy! Ha!
I have posted these in my shop here, check it out! :)


My Latest Soapies - Made Using The Cold Process Method

Several of you may remember when Janet from Amelias on Etsy came to visit and gave me a wonderful lesson on making cold process soaps. Well, I have been making my own soaps ever since. Here are my new Fall scented soaps! Pictured above is Pumpkin Spice, smells delish!

This one is Rosemary Mint. I love this one and so does my hubby. I think I will be saving a bunch of these for our own use! I added garden mint leaves inside the soap, yum!

This one is Cranberry Spice and it smells wonderful too, like warm cranberries and cinnamon spice on a beautiful autumn day. I added some paprika for a little exfoliation which feels great on the skin!
These soaps are so much fun, and I am so thankful to Janet for teaching me this amazing process. I will make more batches and add them to my blog. If you happen to have a favorite scent for the winter season please leave a comment. I was thinking perhaps white tea and ginger? When I have some free time I will make more for sure! For now my family and my shop with my current creations are keeping me pretty busy! Have a great day! :)


Jewelry makers - please send your extra beads to this little girl with cancer...

A dear friend of mine has a 9 year old neice, Katie, with brain cancer. She loves to make jewelry and would like to have a jewelry making party for her upcoming 10th birthday. A friend of the family is organizing the party for Katie. If you happen to have any extra beads for Katie that would be awesome! Please go here to learn more about Katie's condition and where to send the beads in the Sept. 1 post. Thank you so much, your kindess will mean so much to Katie and her family!!!