My Bath Bomb Story

So.  Lately I've been obsessed with bath bombs.  Don't know why.  But I am.  If you scroll down a bit you will see that I attempted to make some a few years ago.  That was very difficult because they kept falling apart.   But after about 30 broken ones, I finally got a few good ones and my kiddos enjoyed them in the tub!

So I was looking on Etsy a few weeks ago, well it was the 4th of July actually.  And I found a seller that would make 100 bath bombs for $100 and free shipping.  And she had 5 scents that I liked.  So, I placed an order!  I have been soooooooooo excited to receive these bath bombs.  Dreaming about how I will package them.  I designed round labels to put on them and had the labels printed.  I waited and waited for about 3 weeks.  But the seller had some bad news.  Her Grandmother was ill, and then died, and she ended up canceling the order.  Sad for her, but also sad for me. :(

So, now I am going to get my recipe out, and try my hand at these bath bombs again!  I hope so much that I can figure it out!  I will do this in the morning.  Fingers crossed.  I will add pics if they go well!


 Yay!  I did it!  It was difficult - they kept breaking -  but I did it! :)  Can't wait to try them out in the tub! :)