Heidi's Handmades is moving to CA! :)

Hi Everyone!

Well, I am writing this with excitement because we have finally found a renter for our home! So things will start happening fast... the movers will come, and we will leave for CA.

We got an RV and will be traveling/family vacationing all during the month of June... visiting the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Redwood Forest, etc... then at the end of June we will arrive in Monterey, CA, and find a house.

During the month of July we will be busy unpacking and getting settled in. Then I will open Heidi's Handmades again! Yay!

But I just wanted to give you my timeline in case you were wondering why I will be closed for so long.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions, I will be checking my e-mails from time to time!

Much Love!

Heidi Price