Creations to Help Japan - $100 Raised!

I created some items to help the disaster victims in Japan.  I was able to raise $100!  Thank you so much to those who bought my items in an effort to help out!

All proceeds of these items went to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake Relief Fund 

Here is what I wrote about these creations:

If you've wanted to try my bath and body products, now is a good time - your money will go to a worthy cause in the wake of this devastation, and you'll be getting some fabulous goodies too. If you'd like to make your own donation to the Red Cross you may do so here.

If you're looking to locate someone or have information about an individual involved in the quake please go here.


I received this wonderful letter below, a thanks for our help!


Half a world away, your generosity is making a difference.

When the powerful earthquake struck and a catastrophic tsunami engulfed northern Japan in March, thousands perished, and a quarter of a million people were homeless, living in evacuation centers, with nowhere to turn.
Almost as quickly as the water rushed in, generous donations began pouring in from across America and around the world. Your support provided medical care, emotional support and basic necessities, such as clothes and blankets. Contributions given to the American Red Cross for Japan have provided relief assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need, and will continue to support planned recovery activities, such as the rebuilding of a hospital, support for the elderly, and programs to help children cope with the trauma they have experienced.

We’ve already contributed $206 million to the Japanese Red Cross, with millions more on the way – all with your help. On behalf of the Japan disaster survivors, thank you.

While the world’s attention and compassion was focused on helping survivors in Japan, the Red Cross has been there for people here at home during a deadly and disaster-filled spring. It has been storm after storm across the U.S., including two of the worst tornados in history, massive flooding, death and devastation.

We’ve deployed more than 12,000 trained disaster relief workers from all 50 states. They’re helping the survivors of these horrendous spring disasters, from Alabama to California, put their lives back together.
And forecasters are warning that this hurricane season is expected to be busier than normal. With steep costs already mounting from spring storm relief, the need to be ready is increasingly urgent.

Will you stand with families and communities who will have to rely on the Red Cross – many of them at a moment’s notice – and help us be ready?


Please make a donation to the Red Cross now. And consider a regular monthly gift – the most convenient and efficient way to help families in need, 365 days a year.

Thank you again for your crucial role in our work,

David Meltzer, Senior Vice President

International Services, American Red Cross